Considering what Justin Trudeau just accomplished with the emergency authorization, I wonder what emergency the US Administration will present us with to justify marshall law. My guess is that it will be something to keep us from voting this fall. That probably to be followed by some sort of babble about too much violence so that an EA can be declared so that your fire arms will be illegal to own and will be confiscated by the government brownshirts. Be aware of the next things that could come about such as economic collapse due to runaway inflation that will make it necessary for a countrywide digital currency where all your dollars will be turned in for digital value. This can happen very quickly. Then the government can see every purchase that you make. Another plan by the Great Reset crowd will be a new epidemic probably quite different than the last Covid engineered virus, probably more virulent so a new series of medications can be peddled by big Pharma. Such a pandemic will make it mandatory to be protected by whatever Fauci says you need. This will of course also be or has already been engineered. Probably in the Wuhan virology lab using your taxpayers dollars. This new pandemic will make it necessary for the military to enforce the medical mandates. Probably vaccines.

Does it seem like the government is not so interested in your health or financial wellbeing,but more interested in controlling you? Welcome to the Great Reset, and the New World Order.

By the way, much of the above is is part of Biblical Prophecy.

I best shut up now or I may be canceled😁🇺🇸🙏

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